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My Process

Living at the end of a dirt road on a forested mountainside allows me to live closely to the plants that colour the fibers I use to make functional art. 

It all begins by spending time, observing and learning from the them. Some dye plants come from the forest, others I cultivate in the garden to achieve shades that don't come from plants native to the Kootenays. By allowing the natural cycles of the plants to determine the colours that inspire my work, each finished piece becomes a memory of where and when it was made.

The harvested plants are prepared in a dye bath, extracting their colours to create a palette of nature. The next step is magic to me. Handspun fibres are placed in the dye pot and transform, carrying the beauty of the plant world with them. 

Then I take to the loom and weave my little heart out exploring the relationship between colour, texture, and weave structure.

It's this slow and thoughtful process I have fallen in love with. The feeling of wool sliding between my fingertips, the rhythm of the spinning wheel following the rhythm of the seasons, the interplay of warp and weft symbolizing the union of individual parts into a stronger whole.  My passion lies here, in this powerful, ancient relationship between plants, animals and craft, and I'm so grateful to share it with the world. 

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